Alfie Oakes Discusses the Famous Oak Tree

Award-winning Floridian journalist, Gina Tomlinson, recently sat down with Alfie Oakes to discuss one of the most beloved trees in the world. In the interview, which can be viewed in its entirety on the Alfie Oakes for America YouTube page, Gina and Alfie discuss how the famous Oak tree at Oakes farm is a symbol of strength, morality, resistance, and knowledge. These are qualities that Alfie Oakes look to embody every day.

The Seed to Table crew looks to live up to these qualities through its family atmosphere. Every Tuesday, Alfie Oakes hosts orientations for new employees. Hiring between 15-20 new employees a week, Alfie looks to get to know each individual and make sure they understand that it doesn’t matter if they were hired to wash dishes or run a department of the store, they are respected as a member of the family. The strength of the Oak Tree is clear in the strength in numbers of Seed to Table.

When it comes to knowledge, there’s different types of wisdom available. There are book smarts and then there’s the lessons you can only learn out in the field working on your craft. Alfie Oakes is a firm believer in the lessons one can learn during an honest day’s work. There are many employees at Seed to Table who are not college educated, but they are amongst the most knowledgeable workers in the grocery business today.

Just as the famous Oak Tree continues to grow, Seed to Table grows as well. The roots of the organization are in the people who are proud to work there and call it home. For the full interview, click here.


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