Clean Sweep for Oakes in 22 Primaries

Kelly Lichter, Jerry Rutherford, Timothy Moshier reaped the benefits of the endorsement of Alfie Oakes and his loyal supporters who backed America First candidates including Dan Kowal, Chris Hall and Chris Brown. Fundraisers, speaking engagements  and parties were held to give the candidates platforms to share their positions on relevant issues and meet Collier County…

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Alfie Oakes 4th of July Celebration Recap

On July 2nd Alfie Oakes hosted a 4th of July American Celebration inviting the public and loyal customers of Seed To Table and Oakes Farms to his Island on Little Marco. The event featured a prayer, the singing of patriotic songs, live rock and roll music, fresh food and beverages all afternoon, and concluded with…

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Alfie Oakes Encourages You To Get Five People Registered to Vote!

There’s never been a more important time to vote in America. However, Alfie Oakes believes that voting on election day is simply not enough. During a speech at Patriot Fest, Alfie encouraged all register voters to find five other people to register to vote and participate in their state primaries. Creating a lifelong love of…

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Alfie Oakes Proudly Hosts Dr. Oz at Seed to Table!

Seed to Table and Alfie Oakes were proud to host Dr. Oz earlier this month. Dr. Oz is running for the US Senate because he believes the government is trying to strip away the power of the people. Learn more…

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