Alfie Oakes Encourages You To Get Five People Registered to Vote!

There’s never been a more important time to vote in America. However, Alfie Oakes believes that voting on election day is simply not enough. During a speech at Patriot Fest, Alfie encouraged all register voters to find five other people to register to vote and participate in their state primaries.

Creating a lifelong love of voting starts at the high school level. The political party that can engage new voters will win the primaries. Are you ready to do your part? Encourage your friends and loved ones to find five more voters in the upcoming elections.


Understanding The Importance of Heirloom Flour

When people from across the country come to Seed to Table, they experience the difference of food made with Heirloom Flour. Unlike the chemical rich products found of most grocery shelves, Heirloom Flour is grown from seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. There’s no genetic modification that is often found in…

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Check Out Alfie Oakes in Central Florida AG News Magazine

Inflation is hitting Americans hard, and farmers are no different. Alfie Oakes was featured in Central Florida AG News Magazine to discuss just how much inflated prices are crippling the livelihoods of our farmers. When American farmers are hurting, the American people suffer at the dining room table. Read the full piece at Photo…

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Alfie Oakes of Seed to Table Joins Steve Bannon’s War Room

Alfie Oakes was proud to appear on Bannon’s War Room yesterday to discuss the catastrophe America is facing with food inflation and the destruction of the American farmer. As mentioned in a previous blog, the food inflation issues have NOTHING to do with global warming, migrant labor or any other fallacious liberal talking points. T…

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