Understanding The Importance of Heirloom Flour

When people from across the country come to Seed to Table, they experience the difference of food made with Heirloom Flour. Unlike the chemical rich products found of most grocery shelves, Heirloom Flour is grown from seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. There’s no genetic modification that is often found in modern wheat, rice, and corn.

A lot of shoppers are unaware that the food they typically consume is heavily processed. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the manufacturers started to change wheat to make whiter bread and improve the texture of their food products. Since then, it’s uncommon for products to accurately carry the label of Non-GMO. Alfie Oakes is a firm believer that gluten intolerance was spawned by the introduction of processed GMO products. Products made with Heirloom flour have a very low gluten content and can be tolerated by those with a gluten allergy. All properties of Oakes Farms make food products with no preservatives and non-GMO products. Experience the difference of Heirloom Flour at Seed to Table!


Seed to Table Featured in Florida Neighborhood News

Anyone traveling to the happiest place in the universe, Seed to Table, could use some advice on all the sights and sounds to take in during their visit. The latest issue of Florida Neighborhood News featured a piece by Naples resident, Andrea Giordano. Andrea encourages all locals who love to travel to take a visit…

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Gourmet News -The Business Newspaper for the Gourmet Industry Featured Alfie Oakes on the July Cover

Back to basics Florida farmer Alfie Oakes said the best way to survive the surge is to go back to basics, which is better for consumers anyway. “I know that sometimes, it gets bad before it gets good again,” said Oakes, founder and CEO of Oakes Farms. “If the demand is there for healthier food,…

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Alfie Oakes 4th of July Celebration Recap

On July 2nd Alfie Oakes hosted a 4th of July American Celebration inviting the public and loyal customers of Seed To Table and Oakes Farms to his Island on Little Marco. The event featured a prayer, the singing of patriotic songs, live rock and roll music, fresh food and beverages all afternoon, and concluded with…

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