Gourmet News -The Business Newspaper for the Gourmet Industry Featured Alfie Oakes on the July Cover

Back to basics Florida farmer Alfie Oakes said the best way to survive the surge is to go back to basics, which is better for consumers anyway. “I know that sometimes, it gets bad before it gets good again,” said Oakes, founder and CEO of Oakes Farms. “If the demand is there for healthier food,…

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Alfie Oakes on The Cover of Today’s Grocer Magazine

It’s our pleasure to announce that Alfie Oakes and Seed to Table are on the cover of the 63rd edition of Today’s Grocer Magazine. The story gives an in-depth look at how Seed to Table came about and why the store has enjoyed incredible growth! Alfie Oakes has always called Seed to Table the Happiest…

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Understanding The Importance of Heirloom Flour

When people from across the country come to Seed to Table, they experience the difference of food made with Heirloom Flour. Unlike the chemical rich products found of most grocery shelves, Heirloom Flour is grown from seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. There’s no genetic modification that is often found in…

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Alfie Oakes Proudly Hosts Tucker Carlson at Seed to Table!

On the heels of an incredible interview discussing food inflation on Fox Business, Alfie Oakes was proud to welcome Tucker Carlson to Seed to Table. The interview discusses everything from Alfie’s origin story to the current state of the American food economy. After hearing Alfie discuss the fresh, flavorful food being served at Seed to…

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Alfie Oakes Hosts Educational Field Trips for Florida Youth at Oakes Farms

Take an inside look at the educational field trips that Alfie Oakes hosts at the Oakes Farm educational nursery. Talented journalist, Gina Tomlinson, joined Alfie to see the hands-on learning experience that kids experience during a typical field trip.

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